Dejero EnGo at the Heart of Quality Media’s Live Sports Broadcast Success

Dejero EnGo at the Heart of Quality Media’s Live Sports Broadcast Success
November 29, 2018 Betty Osborne

[Waterloo, Ontario, November 29, 2018]


Dejero EnGo mobile transmitters and Mobile App equip innovative Spanish production company to thrive in challenging broadcast market


Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that provide video transport and Internet connectivity while mobile or in remote locations, has been key to the success of Spanish production company Quality Media, enabling it to deliver high quality live video at multi-camera live events, and to scale its client list from two to over 20 sports federations in 18 months.


As the first production company to offer the Spanish market an established model of remote IP production, Quality Media selected the Dejero EnGo mobile transmitter and Dejero Mobile App to transmit live sports, including live football matches for LaLiga, as well as providing live feeds from the World Cup for all Spanish media. Other live sports productions have included rally racing, weightlifting, and exclusive live coverage of Petanque, a boules-type games that has proven to be more popular than live boxing and cycling with Spanish streaming audiences. Quality Media also produces movies for Netflix among other activities.


The EnGo is an HEVC capable, compact mobile transmitter that encodes high-quality video and transmits over multiple IP networks to reliably deliver exceptional picture quality with extremely low latency — even in challenging network conditions.


“Launching our company in early 2017, during the industry’s worst financial crisis, meant that we had to adapt our business model to incorporate remote IP production or perish,” said Pablo Reyes, business development and production design manager at Quality Media. “With broadcasters’ budgets at an all-time low and pressure to provide high-quality content at an all-time high, our existing proposals weren’t hitting the right price points. We had to find a way to produce top quality remote productions without outlaying the cost of a full crew and OB van to our clients.”


Quality Media realized the full potential of the Dejero EnGo when it was used during the company’s hugely successful first remote IP production event in August 2017, where set-up time and consequently the cost of the operations were decreased significantly. For this national rally event, Quality Media used four cameras, with an EnGo mounted on each, to backhaul broadcast quality video to two Dejero receivers installed in a fixed master control room (MCR).


Today, Quality Media clients accept over 90% of the proposals they put forward and Dejero is key to this success.


“We also love the Dejero Mobile App, as it helps us bridge the gap between traditional remote production and cloud production, opening up the possibility of creating large numbers of RTMP flows to the cloud. We plan to use mobile flows in the future which will allow us to mix up to 30 camera positions operated by AI. It is also fantastic that Dejero uses GSM modems—which means we can use the latest EnGo transmitter in any part of the world.”


The Dejero Mobile App allows teams to go live with high-quality video from an iPhone or iPad. Customers can broadcast live from virtually anywhere, record video for later broadcast, or import and upload edited video files to designated cloud-based or on-premises receivers when traditional broadcast equipment is not at the scene.


“We are delighted to see Quality Media using our equipment to not only deliver exceptional remote broadcast content for a growing number of clients, but to define the very structure of their company and of the mobile production environment of Spain,” said Rob Waters, director of sales, EMEA at Dejero. “Companies like Quality Media are at the forefront of innovation as the industry moves towards IP and cloud production and we look forward to helping them along that journey.”



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About Quality Media
Quality Media is an international broadcast production company based in Madrid, that provides high-tech services and solutions to a range of broadcast organisations, including sports broadcasters, media service providers and more.
Since its inception, Quality Media has worked with and facilitated the audiovisual conversion for the ad-hoc production arm of PRISA, the world’s leading Spanish and Portuguese-language media group in the creation and distribution of content in the fields of culture, education, news and information, and entertainment. It has also covered major events like the World Cup in Russia and has developed a solid reputation for developing different innovations for sports production especially in the field of remote production.
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