Dejero partners with IP Access International to provide uninterrupted connectivity to first responders

Dejero partners with IP Access International to provide uninterrupted connectivity to first responders
April 14, 2021 Meriam Khan


[Waterloo, Ontario, April 14, 2021]


Combined technology delivers high-quality, real-time video and data to public safety professionals in the most challenging of environments

Dejero, an innovator in resilient connectivity for critical communications, has formed a new partnership with leading mobile and fixed satellite solutions provider, IP Access International, in order to provide a hybrid cellular/satellite ‘network of networks’ that first responders can rely on for real-time, uninterrupted connectivity in the most challenging of situations and locations.

“Our customers are looking to transport more data than ever before from locations where disasters have struck or where a disruption to infrastructure has occurred. Leveraging on data and video from IoT devices, such as drones, to increase awareness and carry out real-time site surveys, means that the need for robust and reliable connectivity has become even more crucial,” said Bryan Hill, chief executive officer at IP Access International.

Dejero’s connectivity technology combines the bandwidth of multiple network providers and diverse technologies to deliver enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth to connect mobile workforces and remote locations to command centers.

“It’s impossible to anticipate exactly where a disaster, such as an earthquake or hurricane might strike or where a major incident such as a mass shooting may occur,” said Hill. “Being able to offer reliable alternative connectivity paths to mobile command vehicles from locations where the line of sight to our satellite network may be obstructed, means that we can provide a complete solution that virtually eliminates downtime for our customers.”

Serving over 900 public safety agencies across North America and beyond, IP Access International provides a multi-satellite network and mobile satellite communication technologies to public safety and first responders for use in command vehicles, trailers and quick deploy units.

By equipping mobile command vehicles with a FirstNet Ready™ Dejero GateWay network aggregation device, its operators can achieve always-on, mission-critical connectivity to wirelessly transmit data from cameras, sensors, and edge devices to and from the cloud. Regardless of where the command vehicle is parked, be it an underground carpark, in a forest or at the side of a mountain, reliable connectivity can be achieved and furthermore, data and video from patrol officers and SWAT teams can be accessed even at high speeds, and across large geographies.

Any interruption or momentary degradation in connectivity can have serious negative consequences, so unlike traditional failover or link aggregation solutions, the Dejero GateWay in a mobile or nomadic scenario uses Smart Blending Technology to simultaneously combine wireless (3G/4G/5G and satellite) IP connections from multiple providers to form a virtual ‘network of networks’. If a connection is lost or becomes congested in a highly populated area, the Dejero technology automatically reroutes packets in real-time across the other connection paths to keep a seamless and reliable connection.

The FirstNet Ready™ Dejero GateWay can also be relied upon in environments where cellular networks become heavily congested, such as emergency evacuation camps in response to natural disasters and more recently, large scale COVID vaccination sites, where thousands descend on one area in a matter of hours. Being able to combine diverse network connections, GateWay ensures the delivery of mission-critical video and data to public safety professionals from devices such as UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) and LiDAR devices in order to conduct live, high-quality site surveys or effective crowd control.

In February, at the opening of a mass COVID-19 vaccination site at California State University’s LA campus, a Dejero GateWay utilized the IP Access International 5×5 satellite link and LTE networks for connectivity to support the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). The network aggregation technology ensured a reliable media communications uplink for key media and government representatives including the Governor’s office.

“Having only one connection path leaves organizations vulnerable to having insufficient bandwidth to carry out key tasks, or in the worst case, downtime,” explains Bogdan Frusina, founder of Dejero. “By joining forces with IP Access International, we can offer public safety professionals and first responders a complete solution to ensure reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity, when and where they need it.”

“Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology is the only solution on the market that truly bonds all available networks together to ensure that enough bandwidth can be achieved to transport uninterrupted high-quality video and data from virtually anywhere,” concluded Hill. “We’re incredibly excited about how our combined technology will benefit public safety professionals and first responders in the field.”

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IP Access is a leading provider of mobile and fixed satellite internet solutions with over 20 years experience serving the satellite industry as a domestic and global provider. IP Access provides complete satellite communications solutions inclusive of satellite network offerings, terminal hardware, and installation and support services. Incorporated in 1999, today IP Access operates the nation’s largest satellite network of public safety agencies, which includes over 1000 agency customers encompassing 1,700 unique endpoints.

At the heart of the IP Access offering is the SELECT Network, providing multiple satellite options and multiple teleports, ensuring protection against regional disasters and infrastructure disruptions while also allowing for on-demand user selectable satellite service in the event of line-of-sight or look angle obstructions. Visit