Dejero Provides Connectivity for Unrestricted Live Multi-Camera Production of Pride Events across Europe for OUTtv

Dejero Provides Connectivity for Unrestricted Live Multi-Camera Production of Pride Events across Europe for OUTtv
July 28, 2022 Betty Osborne
Dejero Provides Connectivity for Unrestricted Live Multi-Camera Production of Pride Events across Europe for OUTtv

Image courtesy of Media Choice

[Waterloo, Ontario, July 28, 2022]


Dejero EnGo and Mobile Apps enable production company, Media Choice, to produce more dynamic live content in crowded environments


European LGBTI TV-channel OUTtv is in the middle of a European tour with media and production company Media Choice through Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam and Antwerp, relying on Dejero connectivity solutions to cover each of the cities’ Pride events.

Live camera productions are capturing Pride celebrations and rallies throughout the summer using Dejero EnGo mobile transmitters, as well as Dejero LivePlus Apps on smartphones and tablets. Both solutions transmit video over multiple IP networks using Dejero Smart Blending Technology, which aggregates wired (broadband, fiber) and wireless (3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, satellite) networks to deliver exceptional picture quality with sub-second latency, even in challenging network conditions.

Hundreds of thousands of people are attending Pride events, with over half a million expected in Amsterdam and over one million in Berlin. The events’ revellers are using smartphones to keep in touch, as well as uploading pictures and video content to social media, which inevitably causes cellular network congestion.

“With crowds like these, reliable connectivity can be a concern, but our Dejero devices have so far performed flawlessly in Frankfurt and Berlin. The solutions seamlessly combine cellular connections from multiple mobile network operators to ensure that we always have enough bandwidth to transmit high-quality video from wherever we are.” explains Ferry Ouwendijk, director and CEO at FilmPartners – Media Choice Group and the facilitator of OUTtv.

Marc Putman, CEO of OUTtv Media comments: “For us as a small broadcaster live tv productions were not durable in the past, but thanks to the Dejero solution provided with the support of our technical partner Media Choice, we were and will be able to create a live-broadcast report from the heart of the LGBTI-community celebrations. It was exciting to do this and now we intend to create more live-events to be broadcast via our TV networks and social media channels.”

OUTtv has successfully covered the Pride event in Amsterdam for OUTtv for over 15 years and for the last ten it has used more traditional static public internet for connectivity.

”This technology has enabled us to cover many more Gay Pride and other events such as Frankfurt (July 16) and Berlin (July 23) and we are set to also cover Amsterdam on August 6, then Antwerp on August 8, extremely dynamically,” added Putman.

“By introducing Dejero into our workflow, we are now able to use wireless, cellular connectivity, which means we are no longer restricted by cabling or limited with regards to camera positioning. We can produce more dynamic content as we can move freely – and most important with Dejero’s technology even in crowded locations like this,” said Ouwendijk.

It’s because of this resilient workflow that Media Choice has also been invited to support OUTtv’s coverage of the German and Belgian Gay Pride events.

“We’ve been able to demonstrate the reliable connectivity, the mobility and the simplicity of the Dejero gear – which also allows us to create more engaging content. These are key reasons why we were commissioned to cover this year’s Gay Pride events in Frankfurt, Berlin and Antwerp as well,” said Ouwendijk.

The EnGo transmits high-definition, real-time video with glass-to-glass latency as low as 0.5 seconds over bonded cellular connections, critical for synchronization in multi-camera production.

“Dejero devices and apps are incredibly simple to use – you just turn them on and go live – no matter how remote or crowded the location may be; and what’s more – we do not have to worry about setting up cables ahead of the event or people tripping over them,” Ouwendijk concluded.

The EnGo live feeds are sent to four WayPoint receivers located in Media Choice Group’s data centers and integrated into their playout systems. These receivers reconstruct and decode the compressed HEVC or AVC video from the EnGo transmitters, which is output to a satellite uplink and then broadcast to its customers’ TV channels and streaming platform audiences.



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