Dejero Showcases Compact Remote Broadcast Connectivity at Inter BEE 2016 in Japan

Dejero Showcases Compact Remote Broadcast Connectivity at Inter BEE 2016 in Japan
November 14, 2016 Meriam Khan

[14 November 2016]

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that simplify the transport of live video and real-time data across remote or mobile IP networks, today announced that it will be showcasing technology that provides news crews with greater connectivity options when reporting live from breaking news locations at the Ideal Systems booth (4606) and the For-A booth (6515) during Inter BEE 2016, which runs at the Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, Tokyo, from 16 to 18 November 2016.

Inter BEE 2016 visitors will see demonstrations of the company’s updated LIVE+ platform, including the compact LIVE+ EnGo mobile transmitter, rack-mounted LIVE+ Broadcast Server, LIVE+ Multipoint professional video over IP distribution network as well as the live streaming of content through Dejero’s LIVE+ Cloud Server straight to Facebook Live.

“As Japan embraces 4K and 8K in the creation and distribution of broadcast content and news, Dejero has been addressing the strong demand for the fast and effective acquisition and distribution of live video content over IP networks from remote locations,” commented Brian Cram, CEO of Dejero. “We are also very conscious that more and more viewers are sourcing content from non-traditional broadcast channels and that broadcasters want to further tap in to social video platforms to engage more closely with these viewers using live content.”

With live video streaming becoming more important, Dejero will be running demonstrations of its Facebook Live high quality video streaming solution, which provides broadcasters with a simple way to feed breaking news and other live action directly to their Facebook audience. In conjunction with Dejero transmitters or apps, users can now route live content through Dejero’s LIVE+ Cloud Server straight to Facebook Live, which allows them to expand the reach of their news in an engaging manner.

The LIVE+ EnGo mobile transmitter which encodes IP video and bonds all available networks, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite, to deliver exceptional picture quality with extremely low latency has been enhanced to include global roaming packages, and the capability to transmit multichannel audio. The updated global roaming capability enables users to either lease a dedicated roaming unit or add a roaming standby option to their existing LIVE+ EnGo transmitter. The recently-introduced user-changeable SIM module allows a field operator to quickly and easily switch up to six SIMs in a LIVE+ EnGo to match the local cellular network environment.

With the latest version of the LIVE+ Core software, which sits at the heart of Dejero’s industry-leading products, LIVE+ EnGo, along with all Dejero’s LIVE+ solutions, now support multichannel audio, enabling more audio inputs from a variety of microphones or transmitting multiple languages. The software can now support two, four, or eight channels of audio, and features a proprietary prioritization algorithm that intelligently manages bandwidth to preserve video quality as the number of audio channels increases.

Visitors can also view LIVE+ Multipoint, a professional video over IP distribution network, in action on both booths. The cloud-based solution enables broadcasters and media companies to send a broadcast-quality live stream from a source location to multiple locations simultaneously, with known and controlled latency at each end point. LIVE+ Multipoint can also be used to exchange recorded content between studios.