FilmLight Discusses Colour from Set to Screen at Camerimage 2014

FilmLight Discusses Colour from Set to Screen at Camerimage 2014
November 5, 2014 carolineshawley

[05 November 2014]

Daniele Siragusano, FilmLight’s workflow specialist, leads session on productive and creative workflows

FilmLight today announced that it will host a workshop entitled ‘BLG: Colour from Set to Screen’ at Camerimage 2014, the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography (Bydgoszcz, Poland, 15 – 22 November). The session, which will take place on Sunday, 16 November at 15:30 in the Opera Nova Seminar Room, will be lead by Daniele Siragusano, FilmLight’s workflow specialist.

In this in-depth session, Siragusano will discuss the creative and economic benefits of future-proof workflows for today’s storytellers, which start with establishing a look, capturing it on set and refining it all the way through to the final grade. While the director and DoP develop the content creatively and visually as they are capturing the story, they now also have the opportunity to preserve the color grading information and use it as the basis of their final release.

“Digital acquisition means that the image processing engine is vitally important for creating meaningful images from captured data,” explained Siragusano. “With so many different processing engines at every stage – monitoring on-set, dailies, editing, VFX and colour grading – communicating a consistent and flexible look, and modifying that look, was almost impossible – until now!”

During this interactive presentation, Siragusano will explain why FilmLight’s renderless and colour-accurate framework makes it possible for cinematographers to control, communicate and finesse image creation ‘at every stage’ from set, dailies, to editorial, VFX and mastering. He will also provide an introduction to the major grading techniques, as well as explaining – from a creative perspective – the ACES framework and how Truelight Colour Spaces help you to implement this and other colour workflows.

Daniele Siragusano developed his post-production and workflow expertise at CinePostproduction in Munich and dve Digital Video & Effects GmbH. His role at FilmLight is to help directors of photography, digital image technicians, colourists and others involved in creative production and post to achieve the best productivity and creativity while retaining their own unique ways of working and characteristic styles.