Ncam delivers real-time augmented reality and immersive graphics at NAB2015

Ncam delivers real-time augmented reality and immersive graphics at NAB2015
April 9, 2015 Meriam Khan

[09 April 2015]

Camera tracking tool provides real-time 4k resolution from a freely moving camera

Ncam, the innovative developer of camera tracking and virtual production technology, is demonstrating its remarkable power and practicality in a series of demonstrations at NAB2015. New features for broadcast tool Ncam Live and movie visualisation system Ncam Reality will be shown in live demonstrations on the FilmLight booth (SL6830), with the Red camera on the Vizrt booth (SL2417) and at Brainstorm (SL5517).

At the heart of the Ncam solution is its ability to determine precise position and orientation, even when the camera is moving freely. It was once impossible to integrate augmented reality and graphics in place with handheld or Steadicam shots, but with Ncam this becomes an everyday practical choice. The system is fast to set up, low latency in use, and releases a completely new creative approach.

“When we set out to develop Ncam, we knew there was a market for an affordable, effective and flexible real-time augmented reality system, and that is what we developed,” said Nic Hatch, CEO of Ncam. “We have worked with leading names in television and in Hollywood and continue to refine the product, to make it even more attractive and relevant to the needs of directors.”

Ncam Live is designed for broadcast applications, such as immersive graphics and virtual environments. It provides a real-time stream of camera metadata in a standard format which can be used by existing graphics engines’ software such as Brainstorm and Vizrt, ensuring a seamless blend, with very low latency. The metadata is available in the widely recognised Free-D format, and an updated version of the SDK is launched at NAB to allow any graphics engine or systems integrators to develop their own interfaces.

Ncam Reality allows directors of effects-heavy movies to see on-set what a composited shot will look like. The interface to popular animation software allows a composite to be shown on a monitor, ensuring the director and DoP are reassured that the final shot will work.

Updates for both products are being announced at NAB. Along with the latest version of the SDK, the additions include the ability to maintain the CGI line-up during a tracking reset; improved tracking with automatic elimination of jitter; and automatic instant tracking in just one second with a single key press.

“At NAB we have the chance to show the capabilities in conjunction with top names in production and post production, like FilmLight, RED, Vizrt and Brainstorm,” added Hatch. “There is nothing else on the market like Ncam and you have to see it to believe how well it works, so having multiple demonstrations in different configurations is a real bonus for us.”

Ncam can be found on multiple booths at NAB2015, including FilmLight (SL6830), Vizrt (SL2417) and Brainstorm (SL5517).