Ncam showcases live augmented reality capabilities at BVE 2016

Ncam showcases live augmented reality capabilities at BVE 2016
February 17, 2016 Meriam Khan

[17 February 2016]

Exhibiting with partner company Vitec Videocom, camera tracking specialist demonstrates the power of augmented reality technology

Ncam, the innovative developer of camera tracking technology, is showcasing the capabilities of live augmented reality in broadcast alongside partner company Vitec Videocom at BVE 2016 (stand H10, Excel London, 23 – 25 February).

Augmented reality places virtual graphics elements into real images. Sports or news coverage cannot be delayed while virtual graphical elements are processed and added so in each case, absolutely critical to the success of the technique is that the virtual elements should remain perfectly positioned in the real image. This means tracking the view of the camera to a very high degree of precision.

The Ncam solution – which enables live virtual broadcast graphics in a studio or on location, and on any camera rig – uses a sensor bar attached to the camera to automatically identify points of interest and track them whatever the camera movement. The resultant stream of positional and rotational data is sent to the graphics engine for the precise blending of real and virtual elements.

On display at BVE 2016 will be the full Ncam Live 7D system, which provides six degrees of freedom in camera tracking: the position in X, Y and Z space, plus pan, tilt and roll, allowing for handheld use. Adding zoom, focus and aperture settings from the lens means that the precise field of view of the camera can be calculated.

Also on show to visitors will be Ncam’s new PTZ software, which provides a low-cost route to camera tracking when the camera is on a fixed mount and only pan, tilt and zoom are required. Through Ncam’s core tracking technology, the PTZ software is capable of providing real-time adjustments, for instance if the camera is on a high platform or a crane which will have its own uncommanded movements.

“Augmented reality has had a huge impact on broadcast television and our aim is to help broadcasters achieve remarkable immersive coverage,” said Nic Hatch, CEO of Ncam. “Our unique patented camera tracking solution offers broadcast productions virtual and augmented graphic technology without limits – it’s virtually instantaneous to set up, completely stable in long-term operation, and applicable to any camera and style of shooting.”

To see Ncam in use and find out more, visit the Vitec Videocom stand at BVE 2016 – H10.