TSL Products simplify and empower the IP transition at IBC 2017

TSL Products simplify and empower the IP transition at IBC 2017
August 8, 2017 Meriam Khan

[08 August 2017]

Latest product updates aim to conceal transition complexity and allow users to concentrate on content creation and production

With the industry transition to software-centric, IP-connected technology, leading broadcast equipment manufacturer, TSL Products has updated a number of its control, audio monitoring and power management solutions to simplify SDI/IP workflows and streamline operations supporting customers during the transition to IP. The latest versions, including compliance with the emerging SMPTE 2110 family of standards, will be unveiled at IBC2017 (Amsterdam, 15 – 19 September, stand 10.B41).

TSL Products’ wide-ranging catalogue of audio monitoring solutions provide practical functionality for various broadcast applications, from critical level-metering, to integrity-monitoring of surround sound for TV channels on transmission. This IBC will see updates to its MPA1 Dante confidence monitoring series to now include support of AES-67 (and thereby further support for Ravenna and Hydra2 networks). AES-67 defines the IP audio transport layer in SMPTE 2110.

TSL Products’ PAM-IP audio monitoring devices, which feature twin Ethernet ports, can also now be used either in Dante or AES-67, modes, making them ideal for use across the SDI to IP infrastructure transition, as the installation moves towards a unified SMPTE solution.

Both ranges also now feature SNMP monitoring and control, which means they can be managed remotely by TSL Products’ TallyMan or other SNMP management systems for the first time. Existing users of the MPA1 can install the improved functionality as a free download.

“Our practical solutions are designed for now and tomorrow,” said Chris Exelby, Managing Director of TSL Products. “We are the trusted partner, providing solutions which support our customers, allowing them to concentrate on producing great content while we take care of the complexities of an industry in transition to IP.”

IBC will also see a new release of TSL Products’ popular TallyMan advanced broadcast control system. With more than 1000 systems in use worldwide, TallyMan is recognised as the most reliable solution to realtime, user-oriented control and dynamic data display, providing best fit control for best of breed systems. The core software continues to evolve, incorporating the advanced access capabilities and automated workflow functionality that its users demand.

A key part of the TallyMan functionality is the ability to design virtual control panels, usually implemented on touchscreen PCs. The latest release of tools allows engineers to create multi-take buttons, which achieve multi-device, precisely time-aligned salvos of commands. The design platform now includes a new range of sliders, rotary encoders and X-Y control, which can be applied to anything from positioning robotic cameras to adjusting audio levels to colour correction. Recent TallyMan installations have included full control of multiple remote studios, increasing production values while reducing costs and ensuring staff time is spent on productive, creative work.

A new addition to the TSL Products command and control range is FlashBoard, a new screen-based information distribution and display system. Integrating seamlessly with TallyMan, third party control systems or capable of independent operation, FlashBoard recognises the increasing need for critical workflow information to be delivered visually at the point of use. It drives multiple displays, each with a unique combination of data, clocks and timers, on-air and cue lights, and production details. Screens are designed quickly using the drag and drop functionality in the TallyMan virtual panel software for display in monitor walls or distributed wirelessly to tablets.

“When we talk to customers around the world, it is clear that they want to be able to implement solutions which are carefully tailored to their specific needs, but which can be delivered quickly, cost-effectively and flexibly,” added Exelby. “Our unique independent position in the industry and our adoption of open standards means we are ideally placed to deliver the Control Systems layer that allows our customers the freedom to choose best fit, best of breed equipment.

System monitoring across a complete infrastructure will also be highlighted at IBC with the TSL Products’ InSite platform, which monitors and manages status, control and alarm parameters over SNMP or Modbus. Concentrated status reports can be presented as web dashboards, with alarms sent as email or SMS. All information is logged to maintain an audit trail and for trending analysis.

A range of intelligent power distribution and monitoring solutions will also be demonstrated by TSL Products. New this year is a vertical distribution unit, offering 20 C13 outlets from dual 32A inputs. The vertical design saves rack space, while retaining the renowned TSL Products quality.

The aim of the TSL Products range is to provide powerful, seamless, easy to implement management and control to improve the reliability and efficiency of broadcast infrastructure. All these products and more can be seen at IBC2017 at TSL Product’s usual location, stand 10.B41, opposite the main entrance to the hall.