Vualto chooses THEOplayer from OpenTelly for HTML5 cross-platform streaming

Vualto chooses THEOplayer from OpenTelly for HTML5 cross-platform streaming
January 15, 2015 carolineshawley

[15 January 2015]

THEOplayer supports adaptive streaming video on any device without plug-ins

Vualto, global specialists in innovative content delivery and management, today announced that it has signed an exclusive UK reseller agreement with Belgian company OpenTelly to incorporate THEOplayer into its video delivery solutions.

Vualto specialises in building end-to-end video streaming and DRM solutions for leading broadcasters and content owners. One of the challenges in today’s market is to meet the very different technical requirements of the various viewing platforms in a way that is transparent to the user. The expectation is that, whatever the device, if you select a video it will just play.

THEOplayer from OpenTelly is a fully HTML5 based player that allows a common streaming format, such as Apple’s HLS (HTTP live streaming), to play on a wide range of platforms, without the need for the device to have a plug-in, such as Flash or Silverlight, installed to interpret it. This means that HLS video and audio streams delivered using THEOplayer will play in all modern browsers across a wide range of devices including Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles running iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Similar support for MPEG-DASH is coming soon.

Alongside this, THEOplayer is hosted in the cloud meaning that suppliers do not need to download and install player-specific software on their servers. Updates are also rolled out automatically ensuring that maintenance for the service-provider is almost completely ‘hands-off’.

THEOplayer is as feature-rich as any of its main competitors with the vast benefits of being able to deliver a single standardised format and not requiring users to install third-party plug-ins on their devices. Styling THEOplayer is straightforward using standard CSS. It comes complete with support for WebVTT subtitles and closed captions, the VAST standard for advertising, and casting of HLS content directly on Chromecast connected devices.

“We first came across THEOplayer when we were looking for a new plug-in free player that we could use across a number of our video delivery solutions,” said James Burt, CTO and co-founder of Vualto. “We found the guys at OpenTelly very responsive and willing to work with us to add features specific to our clients’ requirements. It is clear that OpenTelly is a hugely innovative company that matches our aims and ethos.”

Steven Tielemans, CEO of OpenTelly adds, “We are excited to be able to work together with an online video specialist like Vualto. This partnership supports our go-to-market strategy to team up with the best partners for delivering the best solution and customer experience. We are looking forward to working closely together with Vualto to successfully deliver our next generation of video playback solutions to broadcasters and content owners in the UK market.”

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