Vualto Modernises Public Webcasting for Councils

Vualto Modernises Public Webcasting for Councils
February 10, 2014 Meriam Khan

[10 February 2014]

Vualto, global specialists in innovative content delivery and management, is modernising the delivering of public webcasts to councils via a specialist and dynamic microsite, tailored to the specific requirements of broadcasting council meetings.

Currently being utilised by Plymouth City Council, Leicestershire County Council and Stratford-on-Avon District Council, the Vualto platform allows meetings to be broadcast live via a website link, allowing members of the public to access and view proceedings.  The portal can support the display of agenda items, attendees and meeting documents and enables playback of the live meeting across multiple devices, including tablets and smart phones.

There is a ‘live pause’ functionality for breaks and private items, where a customisable message can be added to keep online viewers updated. An online archive is recorded as the meeting is streamed live, with all ‘paused’ elements automatically edited out. This allows an on-demand version to be available immediately the meeting closes – a feature not currently available to many councils, who often wait 24 hours for an on-demand version to go live.

“Our relationship with Vualto is one of a true partnership,” commented Graeme Wardle from Leicestershire County Council. “We have been working with the team since 2006 and recently received an upgrade to the webcasting software. We now have the ability to integrate the webcast software with our committee management system, so that meetings, agenda, councilor information and reports are automatically linked to the webcast – thus allowing viewers access to all relevant information.

As well as providing the software, Vualto can also provide the AV equipment and cameras required for the webcasting – a long-term investment and economical option for councils. The system is a single operator interface, which is managed using pre-sets for quick and easy control and comes with an extended warranty for peace of mind.

“We’re really looking to modernise the technology available to councils today,” commented Amy Prosser, technical delivery manager of Vualto. “It was over fifty years ago that Margaret Thatcher changed the law to impose a level of transparency by giving the press and the public visibility of the councils internal operations. Our portal, which is completely customisable for specific councils, is finally giving council members the control and ability to do this easily, independently and effectively.”

Remote monitoring and a full customer support service is available to the council team for every live broadcast and, uniquely, there is no need for the council to pre-book slots or commit to a certain amount of hours – allowing councils the freedom to stream as much or as little as required.