We are a B2B PR and marketing communications agency with international reach, focused on the broadcast and media technology sectors.

About MKM

We know broadcast and media technology inside out

We understand your market and customers like no other PR agency. We’re on top of today’s hot topics and tomorrow’s trends. We develop an in-depth understanding about you and your business that allows us to become an extension of your in-house team. That’s why we can plan campaigns and write communications that resonate with your audiences.

About MKM

We know the editors and journalists

We meet and talk to the editors and journalists in your sector regularly. We know precisely what markets they cover, when their deadlines are and what content they are looking for. So you can count on the right coverage across the right channels.

About MKM

We know the customers and distributors

We know the key players in your industry, how they work and which markets they target. We can help you reach the right distributors and resellers to achieve more routes to market for your product or brand.

About MKM

We know how to take you global

We know the right people and are familiar with local cultures all over Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas (including Latin America). So we can tailor communications for your target markets, getting you better recognition wherever you want to take or build your brand.

Our service

Our service is personal and professional, and you will always deal with highly experienced specialists. We share a strong work ethic – getting every job done fast, efficiently and to a very high standard.
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