Argosy Announces IP Networking and Fibre Infrastructure Wins

Argosy Announces IP Networking and Fibre Infrastructure Wins
August 21, 2019 Betty Osborne


[LONG CRENDON UK, 21 August 2019]

Over 350km of digital video and audio cabling, plus SMPTE-2022 fibre equipment, network connectors and rack technology delivered over 18 months


Argosy, a leading international supplier of broadcast cables and infrastructure products, recently provided a selection of IP and fibre-based cabling, networking and rack technology to support dB Broadcast in the IP migration of some of the UK’s leading broadcasters and media services companies.

“We chose Argosy products, not only because of their consistency and first-class service, but also because they have the ability to make available large stock levels to enable multiple shipments, as required to support complex projects like these,” said Tom Swan, sales & marketing director, dB Broadcast. “Argosy shipping their products directly to site for projects has reduced our need to hold such a large inventory at our own warehouse and has helped us with our logistical planning.”

Argosy provided dB Broadcast with over 200km of digital video cabling coaxial cables, including Draka’s exclusive-to-Argosy Image 360 and Image 1000 coaxial cables and large volume of Neutrik BNC connectors, suitable for 3GHz 1080p transmission for these projects over an 18month period . Additional materials included 150km of digital audio cabling made up of various types of single and multiple pairs of cables.

Argosy also provided dB Broadcast with network cables and SMPTE fibre equipment as part of the creation of a flexible, dynamic 24/7 news platform for a European headquarters.

Argosy is at the forefront of the industry’s continued migration to IP and with organisations’ increased investment in SMPTE cabling. Argosy’s unique and long-standing strategic partnerships with suppliers of critical infrastructure solutions, has equipped them with the ability to deliver end-to-end signal distribution solutions from the rack to the network.

“IP infrastructure and SMPTE fibre-based systems are the fastest-growing areas in our project portfolio,” said Chris Smeeton, director at Argosy. “Our increasing experience and knowledge in this capacity enables us to provide truly insightful recommendations that our customers can trust. We’re incredibly proud that we’re able to retain an extremely high level of repeat business in these areas, amongst others – which also comes down to the exceptional customer services that we offer.”


About Argosy
Established in 1984, Argosy is recognised as a leading international distributor of critical infrastructure products for the broadcast, media and AV industries. Its specialist staff provide advice and professional services as well as rapid deliveries of products including cables and connectors; racking, patching and cable management; KVM and connectivity solutions; and distribution and video processing devices. Argosy has an international reputation and serves leading businesses around the world, providing a one-stop shop for systems integrators and end users alike. For more information, please go to

About dB Broadcast

Since our founding in 1989, dB Broadcast has carried out hundreds of installations all over the world. We have grown strongly to become the largest independent UK based system integrator, responsible for some of the largest broadcast industry projects delivered over the last few years – and many smaller ones too.

Our purpose-built premises near Cambridge provide approx. 20,000 square-feet of space for development, prefabrication and testing of customer systems. Today, we’re engaged in consultancy, helping our clients make sense of the rapidly changing broadcast technology environment, as well as system integration, providing a highly flexible approach to the design and implementation of complex systems.

Our large permanent team, plus regular contractors are expert in broadcast system design and installation projects, from complete turnkey TV and radio studio projects to playout, transmission systems and OB vehicles.

dB also designs and manufactures products for the broadcast industry including: Hawkeye for switching and monitoring all types of broadcast signals, MERlin DVB-T2 and DVB-T monitoring receivers, Showman multi-standard analogue TV receiver/demodulator and the Cardinal range of mains distribution units (MDUs).