Argosy Extends Reach of Touchscreen Interfaces between Operational and Local Apparatus Rooms at UK National Broadcaster HQ in London

Argosy Extends Reach of Touchscreen Interfaces between Operational and Local Apparatus Rooms at UK National Broadcaster HQ in London
January 9, 2020 Betty Osborne


[LONG CRENDON, UK: 09 January, 2020]


Argosy and systems integrator VSC Design rolls out IP-based KVM extender programme and data cabling upgrade for British public service broadcaster


Argosy, a leading international supplier of broadcast cables and infrastructure products, has announced it has supplied the UK’s public broadcaster with a number of ultra-reliable IP-based KVM extenders and data cabling as part of a building-wide hardware upgrade performed by systems integrator, VSC Design.

VSC Design was responsible for the overall systems integration, asset management, design, installation, change control, machine cloning and safety testing during the upgrade; and brought Argosy onboard to support the data cabling and KVM aspects.

The systems integrator rolled out a number of kvm-tec Smartline SVX ultra-reliable KVM extenders over IP, supplied by Argosy, at the broadcaster’s HQ in London. This technology extends the reach of touchscreen interfaces relating to the building-wide BNCS control system between operational areas and local apparatus rooms (LAR). The project also involved an upgrade to Windows 10 and a replacement of the server hardware associated with the BNCS control system.

“The broadcaster considered and tested a number of KVM solutions, but opted for the Smartline SVX from kvm-tec as a cost-effective and highly effective choice,” said John Hartz, projects director at VSC Design. “Many of the KVM extensions were of a significantly long cabling length. Existing infrastructure was utilised and the kvm-tec has one of the longest extension length specifications on the market. These units performed flawlessly on all links.”

“During this project we had to plan carefully for new connectivity, rack space allocation and change control to keep operational impact to a minimum. With the machines securely installed in restricted areas thanks to the KVM extenders, the risk to interruption of services remained minimised. We are working with Argosy on a significant number of UK projects, for which Argosy has supplied large quantities of cable, connectors, CTPs and so on. Argosy is a cost-effective, reliable supplier and a pleasure to work with.”

kvm-tec’s rapid switching and resilient extenders are aimed at high pressure environments such as broadcast facilities. Quasi-limitless matrix switching systems and up to 48 / 2000 endpoints can be implemented flexibly and cost-effectively without the need for central, expensive switches with limited endpoints.

“We are delighted to have been chosen to supply VSC Design with the necessary KVM equipment to support this major upgrade,” said Chris Smeeton, director at Argosy. “The kvm-tec technology allows individual endpoints such as PCs, monitors, and so on, to behave passively when controlled via the software. This results in less data traffic on large systems, as the end point only requires information at the moment of switching. These extenders, combined with a standard network switch, reduce cabling requirements and therefore, networking costs.”

The Smartline SVX is an ultra-reliable KVM extender over IP for the transmission of USB and DVI video signals via CAT5e/6/7. It comes in single and dual versions, offers a resolution of1920x1200@60Hz and a distance in copper of up to 150m/492ft. It is USB2.0 transparent, with USB save features, upgrades to USB memory and supports switching systems up to 48 endpoints.



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