Argosy goes the distance with new 4K signal transport technology at CABSAT

Argosy goes the distance with new 4K signal transport technology at CABSAT
February 22, 2017 Meriam Khan

Materials distributor invites visitors to test how far 4K signals will travel over different cable installations to help match their technical and commercial goals

[22 February 2017]

Argosy, a leading international supplier of broadcast cables and infrastructure products, will demonstrate its new UHD/4K cable solutions at the CABSAT exhibition at Dubai’s World Trade Centre, 21-23 March, 2017 (Hall 1, Stand 104), as well as offer its visitors a chance to live test 4K signal transport distances over various combinations of cables and components for specific broadcast applications.

As the production of UHD/4K content gathers momentum across the region and broadcasters upgrade their facilities accordingly, Argosy is poised to smooth the 4K adoption process as much as possible by helping utilize existing infrastructure for 4K as well as future proofing with new means of 4K signal transportation.

“We’re here to offer advice on which types of cable installations will best suit the transportation of 4K signals across specific broadcast chains, both from a technical and commercial perspective”, said Chris Smeeton, Managing Director, Argosy. “There are plenty of options that many broadcasters just aren’t aware of when it comes to balancing quality and spend for 4K cabling, whether it’s over SDI, fibre or an IP based infrastructure”.

Argosy is the first in the industry to set about providing a definitive guide to 4K signal transport distances over various types of cable installations in order to address the needs of specific applications. “Nobody has conducted distance testing to the extent that we’re doing right now,” added Smeeton.

“Fibre is usually the go-to cable type when upgrading to 4K, but standard coax is adequate to transport 4K signals over shorter cable runs, across rackrooms or studios, for example. On the other end of the spectrum, say for critical 4K signals cable running to and from mobile production vehicles at live sports events, high-end fibre cables would be the natural choice.”

An Omnitek 4K tool box signal tester will be set up on Argosy’s CABSAT stand which will enable visitors to live test the distance and quality of 4K signals using different combinations of cables, connectors and patch solutions.

Argosy’s new 4K/UHD MUDIGSA connectors and its MUDIGSA video patch solution (panel, U-link and patch cord) will be shown at CABSAT for the first time.  With re‐engineered MUDIGSA connectors, Argosy’s MUDIGSA video patch panels are now capable of carrying UHD signals, and its range of jackfields can transmit up to 12Ghz in conjunction with (appropriately rated) BNCs and cables.