Argosy Provides Boost to Legacy KVM Systems and Supports Remote Working with New kvm-tec Solutions

Argosy Provides Boost to Legacy KVM Systems and Supports Remote Working with New kvm-tec Solutions
February 3, 2021 Betty Osborne


[LONG CRENDON, UK, 03 February 2021]


Infrastructure specialist adds kvm-tec Real Remote and Combine Connect & Go to portfolio, designed to provide real time access to office-based workstations and virtual machines from remote locations


Argosy, a leading supplier of infrastructure products and services to the broadcast and communications sectors, has announced the availability of the latest KVM product range from Austrian vendor kvm-tec. The newly launched Real Remote and Combine Connect & Go solutions are designed to enhance any existing analogue or legacy KVM system, providing the ability to access virtual machines, real remote workplaces, as well as the futureproofing and low latency benefits of its KVM4Future high performance KVM system.

Using kvm-tec’s Combine Connect & Go and Real Remote solutions, any legacy analogue or digital KVM system regardless of brand and scalability can now be connected to kvm-tec’s KVM4Future full matrix HD and 4K switching system, that offers over 2,000 end points and delivers high levels of redundancy and extremely low latency speeds of 1.38 milliseconds.

Connecting to KVM4Future using Combine Connect & Go and Real Remote – via a kvm-tec FLEXline local extender and the kvm-tec Gateway2go app – extends KVM access to office-based workstations, virtual machines and remote workspaces in real time, while reducing bandwidth utilisation via kvm-tec’s advanced, low latency video compression.

This ‘crisis-proof’ KVM system also offers a flexible licencing model allowing companies to adapt to a fluctuating environment.

“Remote working and home offices are a big challenge right now and will remain so in the future, so it’s important that our customers can deploy remote workstations that perform perfectly,” said Chris Smeeton, director at Argosy.

“The global market for KVM devices is expected to grow steadily over the next five years, as it is easier to use and more cost effective than traditional IT architecture. We expect to see more of it in rapidly growing markets such as control rooms, government agencies and the eSports arena, as well as broadcast, and thanks to these innovations from kvm-tec, Argosy is ready to serve these markets as demand grows.”

Kvm-tec’s Combine Connect & Go and Real Remote join Argosy’s existing kvm-tec portfolio, which includes the IP-based EASYline and FLEXline range of full HD extenders, 4K Ultraline and media4kconnect 4K extenders, the Gateway and Gateway2go apps for virtual machine access, along with the KVM3Future full matrix switching system.



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