Argosy to Showcase Polecam for Flexible, Creative Shooting

Argosy to Showcase Polecam for Flexible, Creative Shooting
February 22, 2013 Meriam Khan

[20 February 2013]

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, 20 February 2013 — At CABSAT2013 Argosy, a leading international supplier of broadcast products and infrastructure, will be featuring the latest developments from Polecam. With Polecam you can get the best shots in the shortest time, thanks to innovative design that allows long-reach jibs to be assembled in minutes.

On display will be the Polecam PSP+ with the long head option. This starter kit is designed to accommodate the popular Canon 300 camera, or equivalents from Sony and Panasonic. The electronically controlled remote head mounts on a modular carbon fibre tube system that reaches from 1.5m to a huge 8m. The carbon fibre tubes give the system excellent rigidity as well as long reach, and mean that the whole assembly is very light and so easily mounted in cars or on boats, or carried to difficult to access positions.

The Polecam is well established as the camera support of choice for uncompromised difficult shots, whether that is a ski race start hut or tracking walruses in the wild. The PSP+ is the perfect platform that enables the owner/operator to get started, and includes, remote Pan & Tilt head, Joystick, 3 Carbon Fibre Sections and the all important Backend with its integral counterweight system with control and power supply — all in a single Peli case. Options include tripod, monitor and counterbalance weights. As well as the long head option, PSP+ kits are also available with a wide head to fit DSLRs, while the narrow head accommodates HD Minicams such as Toshiba and Indiecam enabling standard or 3D stereoscopic shots.  Additionally there will be a waterproof housing for underwater shots called Fishface that has proven itself in many international aquadromes and wildlife application.

Also on display will be GoalCam. Developed for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the kit includes goalmouth cameras with low distortion 125˚ lenses and a stadium camera with a 170˚ fisheye lens. Both are highly ruggedised, and are supplied with a separate camera control unit. With high quality HD outputs, the GoalCam kit is an ideal way for sports specialists to add production value to their coverage.

“We are proud to bring Polecam products to the Middle East,” said Mike Purnell, director at Argosy. “The founder of the company, Stefan Hewitt, is a former cameraman who wanted tools which would allow him to get unique, distinctive and creative shots. There was no kit to do it, so he built his own, to the uncompromised standards he demanded. The range has gone from strength to strength, and we look forward to showing these new models to the industry at CABSAT this year.”

About Polecam
Polecam was the brainchild of managing director Steffan Hewitt who developed it after having to improvise with a carbon-fibre windsurfing pole to get some close wide-angle front sequences from a tracking boat during a windsurfing commercial shoot in Hawaii. In 1998 he launched the Polecam crane – the lightweight, portable go-anywhere rig with a remote joystick and high-precision pan and tilt head. Polecam is now supplied in full HD with a range of precision-engineered pan/tilt heads including 3D, underwater and D-SLR. The firm also sells cameras, lenses, recording devices and remote control panels.

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