One-of-a-Kind Dejero App Simplifies Broadcast Setup for Reporters and Anchors Working From Home

One-of-a-Kind Dejero App Simplifies Broadcast Setup for Reporters and Anchors Working From Home
January 27, 2021 Betty Osborne


[Waterloo, Ontario, January 27, 2020]


New LivePlus for Windows app is the only all-in-one solution on the market that transmits high-quality video and simultaneously receives ultra-low latency return video and teleprompter feeds on a single screen


A new Windows-based application is joining the renowned Dejero LivePlus family of mobile news apps, that is used daily by journalists all over the world, to simplify and enhance the quality of remote news delivery from virtually any location.

LivePlus for Windows allows anchors and journalists working from home or from any remote location with a wired or wireless broadband connection to transmit high-quality, live video while simultaneously receiving two ultra-low latency return video and/or teleprompter feeds, all with a laptop. This all-in-one solution ensures that the quality of the presenter’s broadcast is not compromised since they can keep their eyes towards the camera at all times whilst viewing teleprompter and live program feeds.

The new app transmits high-quality, low-latency video with a live stream of up to 20 Mbps, at a latency as low as 0.8 seconds, from a Windows laptop, typically in a home-studio setting. For enhanced reliability, Dejero’s patented and integrated Smart Blending Technology provides the option to blend Ethernet with a Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi connection can be to a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device, or a smartphone with a built-in Wi-Fi access point or personal hotspot feature, providing access to a cellular network.

“LivePlus for Windows is an exciting addition to the LivePlus toolkit that makes the home studio set-up even simpler for journalists and presenters, needing less equipment and minimizing costs,” said Yvonne Monterroso, director of product management at Dejero. “It allows the creation and delivery of highly professional content using existing computing equipment; saving the station’s inventory of mobile transmitters for crews working out in the field.”

Reporters can receive up to two return video feeds simultaneously through the Dejero app, that can be used for teleprompting, as well as for program video delivered via a Dejero CuePoint return server installed at the station. Delivering teleprompter and return video feeds with latency as low as 250ms, CuePoint combined with LivePlus for Windows helps the on-air presenters to stay synchronized with central production during live broadcasts. Presenters view everything on a customizable user interface, giving them confidence monitoring and teleprompter scripts, while ensuring they can look directly at the camera and adjust their on-camera position to account for overlays and graphics.

The app supports the use of an internal camera, an external USB webcam, or the connection of an SDI or HDMI camera. The camera preview tile serves as a confidence monitor for the user. Users can easily build a bespoke display layout by moving or resizing the camera preview and the return video or teleprompter tiles around the screen, or on a second, external monitor. The app also offers flexible audio options — supporting IFB or return video audio, and multiple wired and wireless earpiece options.

“The Dejero LivePlus family of apps has already transformed the way journalists deliver news, allowing them to broadcast from virtually anywhere with their smartphones and tablets but more recently, allowing them to quickly adapt to the ongoing pandemic that forced broadcast workflows out of the studio and into the home-studio at short notice,” continued Monterroso. “We’re really pleased to be able to build on this service and further simplify high-pressure tasks by providing an all-in-one solution on a single screen”.



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