FilmLight boosts performance and collaboration for editing, VFX and compositing with Baselight Editions

FilmLight boosts performance and collaboration for editing, VFX and compositing with Baselight Editions
August 30, 2018 Betty Osborne

[London, UK — 30 August 2018]

Creatives can take advantage of unique workflows across Avid, NUKE and Flame with advanced feature set


At IBC, FilmLight will be showing the new features of Baselight v5 for Avid and NUKE, along with BLG for Flame, the latest product in the Baselight Editions range. The popular plugins bring sophisticated colour control and creativity to Avid editors, NUKE compositors and Flame artists.


On the show floor, FilmLight will demonstrate how creatives can work simultaneously on the same scene. Rather than requiring individual shots to be locked, operators can work on parallel branches that can be merged together to obtain the final result. As BLG for Flame, Baselight for Avid and Baselight for NUKE all use the same architecture, this means each of the plugins can watch a live Baselight scene or a branch of that scene as required.


“What is really important is that the same powerful environment should be available throughout the chain, from on-set monitoring and dailies, through editorial and effects, to the final finish,” said Martin Tlaskal, Lead Developer at FilmLight. “And soon, with direct access to the Baselight database from any of our applications, the interoperability between our product range will be even greater.”


The Baselight Editions plugins ensure that operators always see the latest colour grade without waiting for images to be rendered, and can make non-destructive and trackable changes to the grade. And now, with the new BLG for Flame, Flame artists can also utilise a great metadata-only workflow with Baselight – allowing them to quickly apply the latest colour grade on their work-in-progress, avoiding complicated version management.


Robin McGloin, Lead Flame artist at Youngster, commented, “When we were deciding which colour system to purchase at Youngster, there was only one choice in our minds. The ability to properly interact with other systems involved in the post-production process made Baselight the clear winner.


“With Baselight Editions for Avid and Flame, we are able to offer a grade at any stage of the post-production process,” he added. “Having a grade in an offline really helps clients visualise the final product, and it gives us the flexibility to change the colour at any time without disrupting the workflow or having to shift large files from system to system. Baselight allows us to be nimble and quick as colour is no longer baked into the picture.”


Baselight Editions v5 provides a host of new tools to boost productivity, including Gamut Compression, Boost Contrast, Texture Equaliser and filters for Denoise and Deflicker. It also includes the improved Layer View for easy stack visualisation and selection.


Baselight for Avid v5 offers a number of additional new features designed to enhance the Avid experience, including: more sophisticated copy and paste; real-time client monitoring; and streamlined access to shots and metadata, giving editors visualisation of all the Baselight effects within the Avid track without closing any windows.


v5 of Baselight for NUKE includes multiple platform-specific enhancements, such as new and improved format handling, which allows the v5 BLG file to store format and mapping information so Baselight for NUKE can combine elements using exactly the same grades and transforms, no matter where they were sourced. V5 also enables Baselight to act as a multi-input node in NUKE so that BLG files can refer to multiple input images and OpenEXR channels.


At IBC, visitors will be able to see the metadata-only workflow between the Baselight for Avid, Baselight for NUKE and BLG for Flame live on stand #7.B26.


Baselight Editions v5 is available from the FilmLight web store priced at $995 for new users. For users who have bought Baselight Editions since the beginning of 2018 it is a free download; for others the upgrade price is just $299. BLG for Flame will be available on subscription for existing Baselight facilities at $1500 per year.


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