Galaxy Broadcasting Builds First HD News Station in Pakistan with Harris Broadcast

Galaxy Broadcasting Builds First HD News Station in Pakistan with Harris Broadcast
July 9, 2013 Meriam Khan

[9 July 2013]

Harris Broadcast is providing a complete turnkey system for Channel 92, the first HD news broadcaster in Pakistan.  The station, owned by Galaxy Broadcasting, is based in Lahore and will be on air in August 2013.  The system is being implemented with the support of AA Systems and Benchmark Systems, while Master Media will provide consultancy and Advisory services.

The central infrastructure in the newsroom and studio is based on Harris Broadcast technology, including NEXIO AMP® and NEXIO Volt™ servers with NEXIO Farad™ shared storage.  Content is managed and transmitted using the Harris Broadcast NEXIO® MOS playlist manager in conjunction with the company’s ADC™ playout automation driving an IconMaster™ master control switcher.

Harris Broadcast NEXIO Volt™

To complete the project Harris Broadcast is providing two Platinum™ routers, one of which includes a integrated HView™ SX Pro multiviewer to handle facility-wide signal routing and monitoring.  This router will take signals from incoming news feeds and upconvert them while also handling frame synchronization.  Harris Broadcast 6800+™ modular solutions, X50™ and X85™ systems will handle additional signal processing, distribution and signal conversion tasks, while the company’s Videotek® TVM Series™ of multiplatform HD/SD waveform monitor and vectorscopes will monitor critical equipment operation and ensure complete signal integrity.

“Channel 92 is an important venture for us and a dramatic step forward in news broadcasting in Pakistan,” said Mian Mohammed Rasheed, CEO of Galaxy Broadcasting.  “Our aim is to get on air as quickly as possible, and for that we needed a technology supplier who could demonstrate all the skills to build a system that is intuitive to operate as well as ensuring long-term reliability.  Harris Broadcast gave us that confidence, particularly with a strong local presence in Pakistan.”

Richard Scott, senior vice president, global sales and services at Harris Broadcast, added, “This is a very exciting project, and an extremely important one as it supports the proliferation of media outlets in Pakistan, helping to provide greater access to television for an increasingly larger proportion of the country’s population.  We are collaborating with the local teams to design and build a solution and to ensure ongoing local support for Channel 92 throughout the life of the system.”