Imagica builds new facility around Baselight

Imagica builds new facility around Baselight
June 18, 2014 Meriam Khan

[18 June 2014]

Post house in Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios offers first uncompromised grading suite in Malaysia with Baselight

Imagica South East Asia is building a new post house on the campus of Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, the joint venture between the UK Pinewood Studios Group and the Malaysian government’s investment body Khazanah Nasional Berhad. Imagica, which has been using Baselight colour grading at its Japanese facilities for some years, has selected a powerful Baselight FOUR system, together with a FLUX Store server network and Truelight colour management system for the new facility.

Imagica Malaysia post house #1

The facility will be operational in phases starting from August this year. The post house will handle cinema post in 2k and 4k as well as television finishing. Apart from serving productions at the studios, Imagica will also reinforce its position as a major player in post-production for the region and further afield, not least because the new studio is offering Baselight grading for the first time in Malaysia, joining the top-tier post facilities in Indonesia and Thailand.

“This is a hugely exciting project for us and we are working hard to complete our workflows, which we know will be extremely attractive to producers,” said Ken Kusaka, Marketing Manager for Imagica South East Asia. “We have been using Baselight already so we trust its capabilities completely. That is especially important in feature film work.

“Here we have to be able to handle large amounts of data, and be able to grade with prestige clients in 2k and 4k, in real time,” he added. “Baselight is the only tool we can rely on for this. Truelight colour calibration means that what we see is what we get, and together with the FLUX storage network, this is a world-class finishing system.”

For FilmLight, co-founder Wolfgang Lempp said, “We are delighted that our friends at Imagica are using Baselight at the heart of their new venture. They have good experience of the support we can offer in the Far East, so they are extremely comfortable that the new installation will perform as they expect. Our team is really looking forward to seeing the rest of the facility’s technical line-up, and the quality of work it will produce.”

Imagica South East Asia is located in Johor Bahru in Malaysia, just across the straits from Singapore, so it is ideally placed to attract regional and international business.