Imagine Communications Elevates Inventory Optimisation to New Levels of Efficiency

Imagine Communications Elevates Inventory Optimisation to New Levels of Efficiency
September 18, 2017 Meriam Khan

[14 September]

New xG GamePlan module assists media companies in maximizing the value of commercial airtime by utilising scalability and power of the cloud   

Imagine Communications, empowering the media and entertainment industry through transformative innovation, today introduced xG GamePlan™, a next-generation, impressions-based inventory optimiser that leverages the scale and distributed nature of virtualized environments to help media companies significantly increase the value of available inventory. The xG GamePlan module, the newest member of Imagine’s next-generation advanced ad management portfolio, provides broadcasters and distributors with a cloud-native inventory optimisation engine fine-tuned to increase revenue opportunities by meeting audience targets and satisfying buy-side campaign requirements, while consuming the minimal amount of commercial airtime.

More than ever, advertising-driven media organizations are under extreme pressure to maximise the value of their ad inventory. Broadcasters, distributors and other suppliers of commercial timeslots for advertisers view as mission critical the optimisation of airtime and have placed a high priority on extracting the most value from their inventory as possible.

“Plain and simple, inventory holders must use their greatest assets more efficiently, freeing up airtime to make more money,” said Sarah Foss, Chief Product Officer of advertising management systems at Imagine Communications. “We designed xG GamePlan to do just that, to alter the playing field so that our customers can meet the audience targets of their advertisers on quality campaigns but consume much less airtime in the process.  Advertisers get what they want — accomplished campaign goals — and media sellers get what they want — happy clients with less inventory utilisation. It’s a win-win.”

xG GamePlan is a cloud-native booking optimiser designed to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of airtime managers. Fronted by a powerful and intuitive user interface, xG GamePlan’s informative dashboard significantly simplifies the critical task of ensuring all ad placement opportunities are monetised without over delivery and that even last-minute campaigns can be planned simply and accurately to deliver effective results. The xG GamePlan cloud-based engine introduces advanced scalability to the optimisation process, giving airtime mangers the ability to automatically spin up any number of instances, in parallel, to find the optimal result in the minimum time.

A standalone optimisation module that is compatible with third-party business systems through the provision of open APIs, xG GamePlan provides media companies with simple-but-sophisticated methods for applying quality metrics to one or more customers or campaigns, allowing inventory holders to strike the optimal balance between maximizing the value of commercial airtime and meeting the expectations of the buying community. xG GamePlan’s ability to dynamically adjust to changing conditions, such as alterations to program schedules and updated viewership predictions, helps make it possible for broadcasters and other media companies to not only book their airtime in the most optimal way, but also to maintain a continuous state of inventory optimisation.

xG GamePlan derives much of its power and sophistication from its cloud-native architecture. Compatible with all virtualized environments, including private and public cloud services, xG GamePlan leverages the scale and distributed nature of cloud environments to essentially throw more processing power at inventory optimisation than is currently feasible using manual processes and procedures on fixed hardware.

xG GamePlan, which will be showcased at IBC2017 (Stand 4.A01) is the latest module in Imagine’s next-generation advanced ad management solution portfolio.