Police Rely on Dejero GateWay for Critical Communications during San Diego’s Comic-Con Special Edition Event

Police Rely on Dejero GateWay for Critical Communications during San Diego’s Comic-Con Special Edition Event
December 7, 2021 Meriam Khan


[Waterloo, Ontario, December 7, 2021]


Mobile Command Vehicle equipped with Dejero network aggregation solution enabled SDPD to use wireless internet for effective situational awareness at 40,000-strong event


Dejero, an innovator in resilient connectivity for critical communications, recently supported the San Diego Police Department’s (SDPD) public safety operations at the San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition by providing its GateWay network aggregation solution. Local network engineering experts AggreGateway installed a Dejero GateWay 211 device inside the SDPD’s Mobile Command Vehicle, ensuring uninterrupted wireless internet connectivity for effective situational awareness throughout the renowned comic book and pop culture convention.

The event took place over the weekend of 26-28th November 2021 as a scaled-down version of the regular show, owing to pandemic-related health concerns that saw the cancellation of the 2020 edition. This meant an even greater emphasis on public safety for the convention’s return, with SDPD deploying a Mobile Command Vehicle to support their situational awareness efforts for a crowd that was expected to reach 40,000.

Having previously partnered with SDPD for the 2021 US Open golf tournament, AggreGateway employed a similar setup for the Comic-Con Special Edition in order to monitor live video and access mission critical apps from the Joint Operations Center command post and the SDPD headquarters. A Dejero GateWay 211 was stationed inside the Mobile Command Vehicle for cellular connectivity, allowing officers inside the vehicle to use wireless internet as a secured path into the SDPD network. The event was monitored in real-time and relayed back to the command post without latency or interference.

“Dejero GateWay is proven to be a powerful means of communication for police departments covering large events like Comic-Con,” said Octavio Navarro, network engineer and founder of AggreGateway. “When tens of thousands of people come together in a small vicinity, all using smartphones for making calls or uploading content to social media, congestion of the cellular networks occurs. But, because GateWay automatically and simultaneously combines different IP networks and carriers, it provides more than ample bandwidth to consistently deliver uninterrupted connectivity over cellular – on this occasion – between the mobile command vehicle and the SDPD network.”

Using Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology, the GateWay 211 simultaneously combined cellular connections from multiple providers to form a virtual ‘network of networks’ as a single service, delivering enhanced reliability, expanded coverage and greater bandwidth. Such robust connectivity is essential at an event like Comic-Con, where thousands of individuals are using the cellular networks.

Smart Blending Technology ensures stable, reliable connectivity in the most challenging conditions. Even if a connection is lost or becomes congested, the Dejero technology automatically re-routes packets in real-time across the other connection paths to maintain a seamless connection. The kit came ready-to-use, thereby eliminating any lengthy setup times and allowing the police officers to focus on the public safety of the convention’s guests, staff and attendees.

“Partnering with AggreGateway and being able to provide critical connectivity for large events like Comic-Con is a real honour,” said Jehan Karim, business development manager, Dejero. “Knowing that our solutions give police departments and other public safety organizations the confidence to monitor situations from any location in real-time, without fear of losing communications, is what inspires us to keep innovating.”