Ncam showcases simple, seamless visualisation at BSC Expo

Ncam showcases simple, seamless visualisation at BSC Expo
January 14, 2016 Meriam Khan

[14 January 2016]

Ncam ‘set up and shoot’ camera tracking allows on-set CGI visualisation without impact

Ncam, global leader in camera tracking for augmented reality production and pre-visualisation, will be demonstrating Ncam Reality at BSC Expo 2016 (Battersea, London, 29 – 30 January). The real-time camera tracking provides live pre-visualisation of environments, set extensions and CGI elements in camera while shooting.

The Ncam system adds a lightweight, unobtrusive sensor bar to any camera: handheld, Steadicam, dolly or crane mounted. Without the need for any markers or alterations to the set, Ncam maps the scene automatically and virtually instantaneously, generating very precise camera tracking in X, Y and Z space, pan tilt and roll and lens distortion.

The tethered Ncam server provides this positional information to a graphics engine, allowing real and virtual elements to be combined in the viewfinder or monitor in real time, allowing directors and DoPs to see precisely what a composite shot will look like. At the same time the camera position, lens metadata and timecode is captured to an industry-standard file at all times during takes, eliminating the need for cumbersome and time-consuming matching in post.

Aligning Ncam takes less than a minute on lens change, so it has no impact on the flow of the shoot. The single system allows everyone on set to see what the final shot will look like, and at the same time boost productivity for the VFX artists.

“This technology lets directors and DoPs regain creative control of framing and composition, giving them instant reassurance even on green screen shots,” said Nic Hatch, CEO of Ncam. “Most important, it does it without imposing any restrictions, even for fast-moving handheld work.

“Whether the requirement is for a simple set extension or an effects-heavy fantasy shot, this is a real transformation in the way movies are made.”

The Ncam camera tracking system will be demonstrated live at BSC Expo on the Ncam booth, stand 603.