Prism & Pixels Grows with FilmLight

Prism & Pixels Grows with FilmLight
March 10, 2014 Meriam Khan

[10 March 2014]

India’s boutique post-house expands with additional Baselight suites 

Prism & Pixels – which has served the post-production market in India for over six years – recently added its third state of the art FilmLight digital intermediate (DI) grading suite to its facilities, and is in the process of ordering a fourth. It now has two Baselight grading theatrical suites, in addition to a Baselight Assist for backroom conform, file management, 3D-stereo alignment and rendering.

Prism & Pixels Baselight DI suite (high-res & additional images available)

The Indian DI market is growing fast, with increasing interest in high resolution cameras like the RED Dragon and ARRI Alexa, and of course the characteristic high impact look of Indian cinema. The network of Baselight systems allows Prism & Pixels to deliver fast and effective workflows, complete with all the creativity and quality that its clients expect.

“When we started the business we had a different grading system, but we were frustrated by its technical limitations and we soon realised that our clients’ needs could well be catered with the introduction of Baselight,” commented Senthil Nathan, Technical Head, Prism & Pixels. “When we installed our first Baselight, the effect on our business was instant: we could meet the expectations of the industry, from RED cameras to collaborative workflows.”

The impact of the improved grading environment was so fast that the company soon added a second Baselight, followed by a Baselight Assist just a couple of months later. “We bought the Assist specifically for conform,” said Nathan. “It takes all the tedious tasks – like conform, rendering and file management – and leaves the suites free for client-attended sessions.”

The current three Baselight systems are linked over dual 10 gigabit ethernet, which not only makes for lightning fast transfers between Baselight stations but allows them to be in the middle of the workflow, sharing files with other devices and allowing the creative team at Prism & Pixels to work together to achieve their clients’ visions.