Dejero Brings Remote Broadcasting and Fast Data Transfer Over IP to NAB 2017

Dejero Brings Remote Broadcasting and Fast Data Transfer Over IP to NAB 2017
February 7, 2017 Meriam Khan

Reliable and fast connectivity, mobile transmitters, and cloud-based video over IP distribution and management at the heart of Dejero LIVE+ platform demonstrations in Las Vegas

[07 February 2017]

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that simplify the transport of live video and real-time data across remote or mobile IP networks, is attending the NAB show (Las Vegas Convention Centre, 24-27 April, booth C1307) to showcase its latest developments in the field of IP connectivity for electronic newsgathering (ENG) and remote broadcasting.

“Our LIVE+ platform is designed for critical broadcasting events, such as breaking news and a good example is the recent presidential inauguration, where many of our broadcast clients confidently depended on our reliable transmission capabilities,” explains Bill Nardi, VP of broadcast integration and global support at Dejero. “The industry is embracing network bonding solutions for transporting video and data from remote locations as it continues to transition towards IP. To address that, Dejero is focused on providing a vast array of solutions that open up new opportunities and provide a stress-free technology experience for production crews working remotely in the field.”

Making its official debut at NAB, the LIVE+ Gateway solution enables news crews to access media assets, research stories, and transfer large files by providing fast, reliable, and secure access to the public Internet and private networks in the field. Leveraging patented network bonding technologies, the solution creates a virtual network of multiple IP connections with the necessary bandwidth and reliability to enable bi-directional data transfers from newsroom and production systems. The complete Gateway solution includes in-vehicle equipment, cellular connectivity services, cloud management, and support.

New capabilities of Dejero’s highly flexible LIVE+ EnGo mobile transmitter will also be showcased at the Dejero booth. EnGo can be camera mounted or carried in a sling bag or new, ergonomic backpack. Key features include a user-accessible SIM module, global roaming packages, and the ability to transmit multichannel audio. EnGo encodes high-quality video and transmits it over multiple IP networks to reliably deliver exceptional picture quality with extremely low latency in the most challenging cellular network environments.

Dejero will also showcase the recent enhancements to its LIVE+ Multipoint cloud service. Broadcasters and media organizations can now share live HD content simultaneously across multiple locations and between different entities anywhere in the world. New capabilities include multichannel audio and closed captioning. Group and single event point-to-multipoint packages are now available in addition to a fully customized, unlimited use package for multipoint-to-multipoint content sharing scenarios.

Visitors to the booth will also see a demonstration of the new capabilities of Dejero’s industry-leading LIVE+ Control cloud-based management system. LIVE+ Control enables the management of transmitters, gateway devices, servers, and content from a web browser. Users can geolocate and remotely control transmitters, configure broadcast and cloud servers, view performance data and detailed analytics, preview low-latency feeds, and route live or recorded content to playout and online delivery workflows.