Dejero to provide remote broadcast connectivity for live coverage throughout the Summer Games

Dejero to provide remote broadcast connectivity for live coverage throughout the Summer Games
February 18, 2016 Meriam Khan

[18 February 2016]

On-site services and support for global news crews in Rio de Janeiro 

Dejero, an innovator in the cloud management of video transported over IP networks, will once again be providing on-site support at the major sporting event of the year, in Rio de Janeiro. Broadcasters will be able to rent, lease or buy systems to boost their coverage.

With athletes from 206 countries competing, this summer’s Games will demand rich coverage from all of the broadcasters in Rio. Dejero helps get the right shots in the right places through its IP network connectivity options, allowing camera crews and journalists to pick their best locations to deliver live feeds back to their broadcast facilities and to viewers around the world.

Dejero will be establishing its own private Wi-Fi hotspots in key locations to secure the bandwidth required for its customers. Packages available to broadcasters include access to these hotspots and cellular coverage using mobile transmitters certified by Anatel, the Brazilian telecoms authority. They can connect using LIVE+ mobile transmitters, allowing crews in the field to acquire and transmit broadcast-quality video over cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

“Because of our experience in providing broadcasters with connectivity and support services going back to Vancouver in 2010, London in 2012, and Sochi in 2014, we understand what is really important to them as they look to create their own unique take on the event,” said Brian Cram, CEO of Dejero. “What gives the coverage its character are the interviews, the reviews and the color pieces surrounding the Games.”

“We give our customers the ability to go out and shoot what they want, where they want it, with the full knowledge that our technical experts are available on location to support their needs from the moment they arrive for set up, through to the closing ceremonies and wrap-up reports,” Cram added. “Our 24/7 comprehensive technical support gives broadcasters peace of mind, allowing them to focus on creating the best visual content using our simple and reliable technology wherever they need to go, and counting on Dejero to get the content back at a fraction of the cost of traditional and less flexible technologies.”

Dejero systems are available to rent, lease or buy, and its services include support by a technical team on site. Deadline for booking is February 29, 2016.