FilmLight extends flexible and efficient BLG colour workflow

FilmLight extends flexible and efficient BLG colour workflow
March 31, 2015 Meriam Khan

[31 March 2015]

Complete product range for innovative scene-to-screen metadata-based colour workflow now includes new Daylight dailies software and the extension of Baselight Editions

FilmLight’s products for colour grading and finishing have a reputation for being the ultimate in productivity and creativity. With the unique integration of colour grading tools across dailies, editorial, VFX and finishing — using the renderless, metadata-based Baselight Linked Grade (BLG) workflow — FilmLight delivers on its promise of a colour-managed end-to-end pipeline. All BLG-enabled products from FilmLight combine to make a highly efficient colour workflow that maintains full creative freedom while communicating creative intent throughout the production process.

New for NAB2015, FilmLight will introduce the latest generation of hardware configurations. This update sees the entry-level Baselight ONE now running on HP Z840, the industry standard for high-performance workstations in demanding post applications. The move increases rendering and decode speed while retaining the desk-side configuration for simplicity of installation and operation.

Baselight TWO now utilises multiple GPUs in the same compact form factor. With the increasing use of raw camera acquisition from RED, ARRI, Sony, and others, de-bayering is a critical issue and the substantial processing increase in the Baselight TWO gives colourists even faster access to high quality raw content, as well as boosting grading power for Ultra-HD, 4k, or higher resolutions.

FilmLight Daylight will be released for purchase or rental from NAB2015. This provides a powerful dailies platform for shot management and high-performance transcoding between a multitude of input and output formats. With Daylight available, a seamless colour managed, metadata-based workflow from set to final deliverables is now possible for the first time.

Available for all Baselight platforms, including Daylight, is the new software release version 4.4m1. This adds a number of new capabilities to the software, including optical flow re-timing. This enables the colourist to integrate yet another important part of the finishing process by performing variable speed shots, including ramping speed up and down, in either time versus time or velocity versus time mode, with complete control over speed ramps and keyframes.

Version 4.4m1 also incorporates a completely revised format system for Baselight that, together with the latest update to Truelight Colour Spaces, provides the industry’s most comprehensive solution to mixed camera and deliverable projects.

The Baselight Editions range is furthermore extended with Baselight for NUKE now available to purchase from NAB2015. Baselight Editions integrate Baselight’s tool set into popular software tools, allowing VFX artists and editors to access the latest grade without rendering, and make adjustments to the grade – all using the BLG metadata. Baselight for NUKE puts this functionality within the popular VFX package, speeding the integration of live action and computer-generated elements by ensuring each artist is seeing the exact same colour grade. Both Baselight for NUKE and Baselight for Avid are now operating on version 4.4, which sees the introduction of compelling new features.

FilmLight is also reflecting the changing nature of the industry by offering flexible ways of owning Baselight Editions and Daylight. Daylight can be bought outright or it can be rented by the production, while both Daylight and Baselight Editions offer a freelancer option to allow the licence to be moved from processor to processor, to follow the individual operator from job to job.

FilmLight is staging comprehensive demonstrations of its product range, including Daylight, the new hardware configurations for Baselight, Baselight Editions 4.4 and software release 4.4m1, all at NAB2015 on booth SL6830. FilmLight will also be featured on the NAB booths of a number of partner companies, including AJA, Avid, Codex, Dolby, Panasonic and Sony. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be represented on the FilmLight booth to demonstrate ACES 1.0.