Imagine Communications Opens its Microservices Technology Platform to Media & Entertainment Industry

Imagine Communications Opens its Microservices Technology Platform to Media & Entertainment Industry
April 24, 2017 Meriam Khan

[24 April 2017]


Imagine Communications, empowering the media and entertainment industry through transformative innovation, is introducing its Open Zenium program. Through Open Zenium, Imagine Communications is raising the bar for collaboration, transparency and innovation by sharing source code to the Zenium™ microservices library, the company’s pure microservices technology for building smarter and more efficient media operations, with a community of its customers and partners.  Open Zenium provides media companies with the ability to customize, modify, design and deploy next-generation workflows and services with unparalleled efficiency, scalability and performance, as well as gain access to a vibrant software community backed by teams of developers, architects and DevOps engineers. The chief objective of the program is to deliver the knowledge, tools and technology that will fortify operations with the flexibility, efficiency and scale to meet the unique and evolving needs of consumers and enable rapid response to changing market dynamics.


The Open Zenium initiative marks a milestone in the media & entertainment industry. For the first time, a major technology supplier is providing access to not only the intellectual property underpinning its innovative and market-leading solutions with a community of its customers and partners, it is also building a community based on transparency, innovation and success. Imagine is providing access to the design patterns and best practices it has developed over the years, as well as the technology that powers its industry-leading solutions, including its Versio™, Selenio™ One, and EPIC™ MV platforms. The pure-play microservices Zenium platform provides media companies with an agile and versatile technology foundation that provides unparalleled access to current and future technology, along with industry-leading efficiency and scale.


“By making Zenium source code available to a community of its partners and customers and providing access to the knowledge we have developed with it, Imagine Communications is taking another bold step forward for the industry, setting the bar for transparency, access, knowledge-sharing and shared success,” said Imagine Communications CEO Charlie Vogt. “We are sending a strong message that we are ready to explore a more strategic and collaborative relationship with customers and are willing to back up our commitment by exposing the company’s most valued intellectual property in an environment designed to propel all parties toward mutual success in a market that is becoming more competitive every day.”


Vogt added, “While other technology companies have recently jumped on the microservices bandwagon, Imagine Communications has been building solutions based on microservices for several years and is now taking the next step of sharing the building blocks of our groundbreaking innovation with a community of our customers and partners.”


An early and vocal leader in the transition of broadband to IP, Imagine Communications is in a unique position to accelerate the transformation of the media industry by providing access to this groundbreaking technology with a community of its customers and partners. The Open Zenium initiative is designed to put the larger broadcast community on the same innovation trajectory as Imagine, helping media companies of all sizes to unleash their full creativity and revenue-generating potential by eliminating technological limitations.


Opening up Zenium is intended to provide access to a level of transparency, innovation and risk management previously unheard of in the media & entertainment industry. Open Zenium is designed to redefine the way media companies interact with their technology partners and infuse their operations with innovation.


“This is collaboration on a scale that’s never been seen in the media & entertainment industry,” said Brick Eksten, Chief Product Officer, Imagine Communications. “The time is now to leverage the amazing work being done in the broader compute industry and to bring together best-of-breed virtualization with proven broadcast technologies. We’re opening up Zenium to enable a community of our customers to exploit the capabilities of the technology platform of the future and to inject their businesses with the agility and flexibility that will allow them to thrive in a rapidly and constantly evolving competitive environment.”


The adoption of a microservices-based architecture does not require media companies to make wholesale changes to their networks. Instead, the component-based, highly granular composition of Zenium enables media companies to make the transformation from monolithic to Cloud-Native applications in a gradual fashion. By making Zenium’s source code available to a community of technology partners and customers, Imagine is accelerating the transition to a technology foundation that is built to withstand the blistering pace of change in the media & entertainment industry.


Imagine Communications will be demonstrating the capabilities of Zenium and showcasing the benefits of making its microservices technology available to the media industry at the 2017 NAB show, booth SL1516, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. A Zenium master class will be conducted daily, Monday through Wednesday, beginning at 10:30 AM.


Additional information about microservices design, its relation to Cloud-Native applications and importance to the future of the media & entertainment industry is available in the white paper The Impact of Microservices on the Future of the Media & Entertainment Industry.


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