Dejero delivers flexible connectivity for live broadcasts with LIVE+ EnGo at NAB 2016

Dejero delivers flexible connectivity for live broadcasts with LIVE+ EnGo at NAB 2016
April 7, 2016 Meriam Khan

[07 April 2016]

Global roaming solutions and carrier services support breaking news stories around the globe

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions for the transport of live video across challenging IP networks, today announced that its compact LIVE+ EnGo mobile transmitter will showcase at NAB 2016 with simplified connectivity options, expanded roaming solutions, and enhanced carrier services.

Ideal for broadcast journalists and news crews reporting from breaking news situations or live events from around the world, LIVE+ EnGo encodes IP video and bonds all available networks, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite, to deliver exceptional picture quality with extremely low latency. With Intelligent Connection Management technology that adapts to network congestion in real-time, EnGo reliably transports video across the most challenging network conditions.

“Viewers expect high quality broadcasts of stories from around the world and breaking news as it happens. To help broadcasters meet these expectations, Dejero is committed to expanding its offering to make it easier to broadcast live from around the globe — while maintaining excellent picture quality and reliability,” said Dejero’s CEO, Brian Cram.

At NAB, Dejero will demonstrate the latest enhancements that provide news crews with greater connectivity options when travelling, whether crossing a border or crossing an ocean. The new user-changeable SIM module allows a field operator to quickly and easily switch the SIMs in an EnGo to match the local cellular network environment.

Dejero’s carrier services offering has also been expanded to include global roaming packages while abroad, including SIM activation, data plans, streamlined billing, and renowned 24/7 support.

To simplify the management of LIVE+ EnGo transmitters around the world, Dejero’s LIVE+ Control cloud management system gives studio technicians the ability to geolocate, monitor performance, and remotely control transmitters from a web browser. They can also preview incoming feeds and route both live and recorded content to on-air playout and online distribution workflows.

Dejero will demonstrate the enhancements to LIVE+ EnGo along with the full LIVE+ platform at booth N2918 during the 2016 NAB Show from April 18 to 21 in Las Vegas.