RTL Nieuws to Rely on Dejero’s LIVE+ EnGo Mobile Transmitter for Live US Election Results Show

RTL Nieuws to Rely on Dejero’s LIVE+ EnGo Mobile Transmitter for Live US Election Results Show
November 8, 2016 Meriam Khan

[07 November 2016]

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that simplify the transport of live video and real-time data across remote or mobile IP networks, has announced that Dutch broadcaster, RTL Nieuws, will be covering tomorrow night’s US election results from a studio in New York in a special four-hour long live show, using Dejero’s compact and mobile LIVE+ EnGo to transmit video and audio back to the Netherlands.

Freek Herberts, cameraman/editor at Storicam, has been capturing and editing reports for RTL Nieuws throughout its US election campaign coverage. He has relied on Dejero’s LIVE+ EnGo, which encodes IP video and bonds all available networks, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite, to deliver HD video back to RTL in the Netherlands, from the Republican and Democrat conventions and rallies all over the U.S.A.

Short RTL Nieuws reports from New York have been transmitted live from the roof of its affiliate station in Manhattan throughout the election campaign using LIVE+ EnGo, but tomorrow’s election results night, will be the first time that RTL uses the Dejero unit to transmit a full live show from a studio.

“We’re curiously confident about how the EnGo will perform on the night and would not have considered a 4-hour long live show using any other mobile transmitter,” said Herberts.

LIVE+ EnGo is a compact camera-mounted or wearable transmitter for remote video acquisition. LIVE+ EnGo encodes H.264 video and transmits it over multiple IP networks to deliver exceptional picture quality with extremely low latency. Its modular design enables the attachment of swappable wireless modules to customize LIVE+ EnGo to the locally available wireless network infrastructure, and for use around the world.

It’s compact design and agility mean that LIVE+ EnGo is revered for its dexterity in breaking news situations in the field, but this live show application opens up new opportunities and potential for broadcasters who are looking for a simple and economical solution in more permanent facilities.

“The EnGo gives us so much flexibility and freedom,” explains Herberts. “On our way to the airport in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, when some controversial video/audio of one of the presidential candidates was released; we were able to set up a live shot within 10 minutes of the request from RTL, without having to move to one of RTL’s affiliate news stations or reschedule our flights. The amount of time and cost we’ve saved because of the EnGo’s smart connectivity is phenomenal – we now have the capability to deliver high quality footage to RTL quicker and more efficiently than ever before.”

RTL Nieuws employs Dejero’s LIVE+ Control cloud management system at its headquarters to simplify the management of its EnGo transmitters in the field. LIVE+ Control gives studio technicians the ability to locate, monitor performance, and remotely control transmitters from a web browser. They can also preview incoming feeds and route both live and recorded content to on-air playout and online distribution workflows.

“We literally take the EnGo everywhere now, confident that if anything happens, we’re ready,” Herberts states. “We know that some camera crews, who use alternative transmitters, will still only use AP for live shots as they’re not as confident with their systems as Dejero users like us.”