Vualto now certified Google Implementation Partner for Widevine Modular DRM

Vualto now certified Google Implementation Partner for Widevine Modular DRM
November 6, 2014 Meriam Khan

[06 November 2014]

Vualto, global specialists in innovative video content delivery, today announced that it has been made a certified Google ‘Implementation Partner’ for the Modular DRM product.  Widevine Modular DRM provides support for the latest industry standards for multiplatform content protection including MPEG-DASH, CENC and EMEs.

Vualto already provides support for PlayReady and Primetime DRM and has now added Google Widevine to the list as part of the Vualto DRM Framework.

“Vualto’s DRM framework, coupled with the Unified Streaming products, makes supporting multiple formats and DRM technologies extremely simple,” said James Burt, CTO and co-founder of Vualto. “Our cross-platform API tools provide a standardised way of generating keys, tokens and licences regardless of technology.”

Following Google’s announcement that it will no longer support Microsoft Silverlight – and therefore PlayReady DRM – in its Chrome browser from early 2015, the new partnership also allows Vualto to offer an alternative content protection solution using MPEG-DASH/EMEs with Widevine

Simon Westbroek at Unified Streaming said, “Practice shows that a unified approach towards streaming and content protection provides unique value for our customers. By working with video specialist, Vualto, we can accelerate this value by providing an end-to-end solution to solve the current challenge with Chrome and plugin support.

“Asking viewers to switch browsers, as currently happens, is unacceptable and does not help in creating loyal viewers.”

Burt continued, “We recognise that broadcasters often need a multi-DRM solution to cater for all possible scenarios. Our solutions make this easy – we can use Widevine to solve the Silverlight/Chrome issue while protecting existing investments in PlayReady.”

Vualto’s vudrm framework is a collection of readymade components that integrate with live and VOD broadcast workflows to deliver multi-vendor content protection. It includes a custom token authentication and key provider service for ultimate flexibility with DRM policies and the issuing of licenses.