Vualto and Unified Streaming agree closer co-operation

Vualto and Unified Streaming agree closer co-operation
March 11, 2015 Meriam Khan

[11 March 2015]

Reseller Plus deal means Vualto provides support direct, and has a voice in future development cycles

James Burt, CTO, Vualto & Arjen Wagenaar, CTO, Unified Streaming

Vualto, global specialists in innovative content delivery and management, today announced that it is now a Unified Streaming “Reseller Plus” company. It means that Vualto can provide tightly integrated systems using the latest functionality from Unified Streaming, and also provide all frontline and detailed support directly.

The key advantage of the Unified Streaming solution is that it enables media content to be delivered from a single source to multiple devices. Embedding its software means Vualto can simplify the architecture to enable its customers to deliver and monetise content across HLS, HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH. A single source file can feed all these outputs.

The Unified Streaming solution also incorporates support for multiple DRM content protection schemes, including the emerging CENC (common encryption) standard, which allows a single encrypted stream to work with multiple DRM technologies in multiple devices and browsers. It solves, for instance, the challenge of delivering content to the Chrome browser which no longer supports Microsoft Silverlight.

“This is great news for Vualto and our customers,” said James Burt, CTO of Vualto. “Most obviously, it is a very clear demonstration of the trust between us and Unified Streaming: we are using their technologies to their full effectiveness, and we are building sophisticated systems which meet the real need of content owners.

“What is perhaps even more exciting is that it puts us in the Unified Streaming innovation and product development cycle,” added Burt. “This means we can bring our wide experience to the table to talk about what content owners really need from OTT delivery platforms, and of course we will be the first to implement the new functionality. Consequently, we can continue to develop and improve our tailored solutions for our customers.”

As part of the Reseller Plus agreement, Unified Streaming will provide advanced training for Vualto’s systems architects, allowing them to embed the technology into the solutions which are tailored for each customer. The result is an even more simple and seamless operational experience, allowing the content owner to focus on creating, managing and monetising their assets through the end-to-end Vualto solution.